Our sawmill products


• English green oak beams.

• Air dried oak boards.

• All sizes of rough sawn softwood timber,

  Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Larch.

• Waney edged boars for cladding.

• Western Red Cedar or Oak.


Many more specifications. It's always

worth phoning us first to check availability!

Bespoke hardwoods for

craftsman and wood turners

We supply a range of native hardwoods from

• Oak burrs

• Ash

• Silver birch

• Walnut

Our storage barn is like “aladdin's cave” for craftsman, but please phone us first for availability on any specific wood!

• Chestnut

• Fruit woods

• Spalted beech

Green Oak

The term 'green oak' is applied to timber that is typically freshly sawn from relatively newly felled trees. It is timber that has not been through a process of natural or mechanical drying.

We can cut any length upto 20ft, all Oak is cut to order.

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Western Red Cedar and Larch Cladding

Timber cladding offers a unique combination of practical, aesthetic and environmental advantages.  Western Red Cedar is renowned for its high durability, stability and resistance.

Waney Edge Cladding

Waney-edge cladding is constructed by overlapping boards to create this traditional and rustic style of cladding.

All of our boards that we mill are an average of 10 inches wide and you should allow for a 2inch overlap. Our boards are usually supplied in 3.7metre (12ft) lengths.

Feather Edge Cladding

Feather edge cladding has a traditional appearance without being as rustic in appearance as Waney Edge.

All of our boards are cut for an 18mm to 4mm profile. These boards are usually supplied in 3.7metre (12ft) lengths.

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Rough Sawn Softwood Timber

We hold and cut all sizes of rough sawn softwood timber in Western Red Cedar and larch.

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Sleepers can be used for many purposes in your garden. They can be stacked to created raised beds or placed vertically in the ground and used as path edging.

We are able to provide Live/Rustic Edge Larch Sleepers or Green Oak Sleepers.

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